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Clans of Ireland Inductee

Clans of Ireland Inductee

On March 29th  2018 Mac Hale Clan was  included in the Register of Clans 2018


Haven't Done Y -DNA Testing?

If you are a male or female McHale or have a McHale in your pedigree and you have completed autosomal DNA testing- we'd love to hear from you. 

Our group members have DNA on Ancestry.com, FTDNA's Family Finder and GEDMatch.

Phylogenetic Trees

McHales and our closest genetic relatives are members of the following phylogenetic trees:

  • The Big Tree
  • YFull
  • Haplogroup R-Experimental Tree

Mapping the birthplace of our oldest known relative is a goal of the group.

Knowing the birthplace of even a distant relative can help you break through the "Brick Wall" where printed records end.

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Flax Growers List of 1796

Search on M'Hale and M'Keal.


Elizabethan State Papers

1592/3 - M'Keales (at Ballinglen) - near top of the page: www.dippam.ac.uk/eppi/documents/17592/page/470227
1592/3 - M'Heali (at Ballycastle) - close to the bottom of the page:
1590 - M'Hales (south of Ballinrobe) - close to the top of the page:

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