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McHales in the Big Tree

From The Big Tree Wbsite: A red background is used for men whose data has not yet been fully analyzed. His position on the tree is not yet final, and will in general be downstream of the current position. He may not be positive for all the SNPs/INDELs in the block he descends from.

Men whose NGS data have been fully analyzed are indicated with a grey background color.

Those men with a grey background and a pink bar to their left have been finalized, but haven't gone through as much scrutinity as earlier kits have. In particular, no search has been made for recurrent SNPs or other unusual mutations. For the vast majority of kits, this has no effect at all, but  will be reviewed  as necessary in the future.

Mutations written with a red background fall within a region of the Y chromosome, such as the palindromic region, which has left the position of the mutation ambiguous. The true mutation may be at the indicated position, or at any one of a number of alternate positions.

Many thanks to Alex Williamson for creating and maintaining "The Big Tree"

The Big Tree

"The Big Tree". 2018. Ytree.Net. Accessed January 25 2018. http://www.ytree.net/DisplayTree.php?blockID=2856&star=false.

Age Analysis - Iain McDonald Method



Using the aging method developed by Iain McDonald, the median age of Z255 Big Tree block exclusive to McHales is 627.718 YBP (1323 AD). The 95% confidence interval is 1021 AD to 1570 AD.


"Block Information". 2018. Ytree.Net. Accessed February 3 2018. http://www.ytree.net/BlockInfo.php?blockID=2394.

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