Uniting McHales Wordwide

Crossmolina McHale Marriages

May, 1831 – Peter MacHale and Bridget Spellman; Witnesses : Tony Machale and Mary Murray

December 9, 1832 – Edward McHale and Mary McGuinness; Witnesses: Anthony Moran and Sibby (?)

February 6, 1833 – Anthony McHale and Mary Conway, Tooreen; Witnesses: Anthony Hoban and Mary O’Brien

March 11, 1833 – Owen McHale and Mary McNulty; Witnesses: Pat McHale and Bridget Kilroy

October, 1834 – Pat McHale and Sara Davis; Witnesses: George Mullaney and Mary Barrett

October 15, 1835 – Michael McHale and Mary Loftus; Witnesses: Michael McHale and Mary Gaughan

February 27, 1838 – Patrick McHale and Sara Nelson, Rake Street; Witnesses: Richard Canavan and Catherine Kelly

November 25, 1838 – Thomas McHale and Anna O’Boyle; Witnesses: Thomas Dooher and Eleanor O’Boyle

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August 4, 1846 – John McHale and Mary Mulligan, Crossmolina; Witnesses: John Walsh and Bridget Waters.

February 6, 1849 – Ned McHale and Mary Roach, Crossmolina; Witness John Gibbons

January 11, 1849 – Pat McHale and Kate Noone: Witness Michael Murray

March 9, 1859 – Patrick Neary and Bridget McHale; Witnesses : Thomas and Sarah McHale

February 2, 1862 – Pat Martin and Bridget McAndrew, Creaves; Witnesses: Anthony McHale and Bridget Lackan

April 11, 1862 – James McHale and Winifred Harte; Witnesses: Ned Harte and Bridget McHale

February 1, 1864 – James McHale and Ellen Riley; Witnesses: M. Tolan and Ellen Ruane

March 6, 1864 – Martin Rape and Honor McHale; Witnesses: John Robinson and Mary Hegarty

February 12, 1865 – Michael Timony and Celia Walsh; Witnesses: William Garrett and Mary McHale

February 12, 1865 – William McHale and Catherine Moore, Crossmolina; Witnesses: Pat McHale and Bridget Loftus

February 23, 1865 – Francis Carolan and Sara McHale, Ballyloughnane (?); Witnesses: Francis Judge and Bridget Flaherty

March 1, 1865 – Roger Smith and Mary McHale; Witnesses: Thomas McGuinness and Bridget McGuinness

July 9, 1865 – John McHale and Anne Carolan, Ballyloughnane (?); Witnesses : Pat McHale and Mary Judge

February 9, 1869 – James McCale and Catherine Mulkerin, Erris; Witnesses: Edward and Mary Gallagher

March 17, 1878 – James Monelly and Catherine McHale; Witnesses: John McDermott and Mary McHale

February 14, 1888 – Anthony McHale and Cate Loftus; Witnesses: Bridget Flynn and Michael (?)

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